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In the past decade, interest in football packages increased substantially and today we follow both our national team and also our European favorite team, lots of fans takes part in the amazing atmosphere that arises in and outside stadiums.

Whether it is European Championship or World Cup tournament with the national team, club football or the Champions League, we infer up more and more and enjoying the matches in place instead front of the TV. We gather family, friends or colleagues and going on a weekend trip to enjoy the high class football.

It has become easier over the years to buy match tickets and travel packages, this makes more and more people are discovering this form of travel. There are currently a large number of companies that sell tickets and football packages and we have on this website collected the vast majority of the companies.

Options when to travel

For those who are looking to go out and travel , there are three categories to choose from.

1. Buy only match ticket - Organize then accommodation and flights yourself.

2. Buy packages that include accommodation - Provide aviation yourself

3. Buy package that includes accommodation and flight ticket

The most common when buying a ticket or package, is to have the ticket delivered to the hotel you stay at, where it is issued on presentation of ID/passport.



England has a huge range of football and it's almost always packed stadium and a guaranteed good atmosphere, visit London and see teams like Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham and also experience a big city with all that implies. Further north is Manchester with its two great teams United and City. Not far away Facing Liverpool with their teams Liverpool FC and Everton.


Spain is another popular destination, where you can enjoy both the climate and the fantastic football. In Barcelona you can see a couple of the best football players of FC Barcelcona and also visit the hottest game in Europe - El Clásico, the match against Real Madrid.


Italy with its beautiful cities, amazing food and lovely climate is always a popular destination. If you visit the capital you can see AS Roma or Lazio play, in northern parts offer grand Milan, Inter and Juventus .


Germany can boast of having the most audience of matches in Europe, where Borussia Dortmund tops the list with over 90,000 in the audience cut. Visit one of Europe's hottest derbies between Borussia Dortmund and Schalke 04. Magnificently Bayern Munich is another powerful team well worth visiting.


In France football high class and a team that invests heavily PSG are in the process of building a really great team with many well-known players. If you visit Paris, you can also combine the trip with a visit to one of the all famous museum or even Disneyland.

Football Travels in various price ranges

There are teams and matches in all price ranges on the site, the popular clubs are often more expensive to visit and they play a derby or against another popular team so the prices are higher. In the larger cities are often more teams than grand, in London 's example, QPR and Fulham, In Barcelona, Espanyol and Atlético Madrid in Madrid to mention a few.

This site has been around since 2005 and have always aspired to be a starting point for those who are going to travel . Whether you are seeking to resolve match tickets , tour packages with hotel or complete football trips where even air is included.

Our partners located on the site with their offerings , selling everything from game tickets to packages with hotel and flight . It's all Swedish companies that can help you whether you are heading to league football as the Premier League in England , La Liga in Spain , Serie A in Italy, the Bundesliga in Germany or Cup football as the Champions League, Euro League or otherwise.

All football trips with the Swedish national team is also here, right now , it is highly topical with qualifiers to the FIFA World Cup in Brazil in 2014 and there are a lot of exciting friendlies also during 2012/ 2013.

Football travel has become a very popular form of travel for us swedes , has recently Zlatans law , Milan, Inter , Barcelona and Juventus been very popular . England and the Premier League has long been one of our favorite destinations . Maybe it's Tip Us that once made us so interested in the league !

FAQs about football travel

Included flight in all of football trips?

No, it sold football trips both with and without airfare. After doing a search for football trips on your favorite team will be the compilation of information about the flight or included in the price .

Is it possible to buy only the match tickets ?

Yes, you can buy only the tickets to the games , choose to watch katerorin Match Tickets which is the first on the hit list .

Is there football trips that do not appear on ?

There are a few who are not even on the page, but the vast majority are with and all the companies are Swedish .

Can you buy gift cards from you?

Since we do not sell tickets and packages themselves, but only links to the vendors so we do not offer it , most of the companies that are included on the page , however, so the easiest is to contact the company that you think is interesting.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions - Footballtickets

Can you buy football tickets directly from you? No, we do not sell tickets, but only lists the range of the Swedish travel agents aslutit to the service. Why are not all travel agencies with? All travel agents in the Swedish market are welcome to join but yet we are not quite there. However, we work to connect more travel agencies and feel free to tell your travel agent that we are. What is a price agent? A price agent is a service that collects price information from a large number of players in a market. Price The agent then compile the information for the consumer simply must find the best price. Why are the tickets more expensive than what it says on the team's website? The most popular teams' matches must travel agents buy tickets through a ticket agent who in turn buys the tickets by the club or any ticket agent. The extra middlemen allows tickets are significantly more expensive than those sold directly by the club.

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We aim to list all tickets and packages from all travel agents. We endeavor that all prices and all other information should be correct, and that all the listed agents will be serious. However, we can not guarantee that this is the case. takes no responsibility for any problems that the information we present, may cause the traveler.

Have you encountered any problems, we are grateful if you report it to us so that we can correct the wrong information.

Although always do their utmost to prices and other information must be correct so it is possible that errors in. The travel agent can not be held responsible for inaccurate information on but it is always the information presented at the travel agency that apply.