League One tickets

England’s third highest league has changed its name four times since it was launched as Division Three in 1920. And even if it might not be on the same level as the big leagues, League One offers bags of atmosphere and passion.

Not taking League One seriously would be a big mistake. It only may be England’s third league, but it is all about the pro clubs, and has delivered plenty of surprise winners during the years. Take for example the Leeds 1-0 victory over reigning English masters Manchester United at the Old Trafford during the 2010 cup.

Europe’s Best Atmosphere?

The slightly lower English divisions are world famous for their intensity and great atmosphere. This might not be the most polished football in the world, but the tough matches and hard tackles will echo all the way down to the local pub.

This kind of action on the field rubs off on the spectators, who are known for singing and yelling for 90 minutes straight – or even longer if their team wins.

About League One

The league is sponsored by Sky Bet and is made up of 24 teams. The first and second place winners rank up in the league system, while the third to sixth place teams fight for the last remaining spot with playoffs. The four bottom teams are then relegated to League Two.

The league has changed its name four times:

1920-1921: Division Three

1921-1958: Division Three North/South

1958-1992: Division Three

1992-2004: Division Two

2004-current: League One

Every year, the league hosts teams hoping to return to their former glory, like Coventry, Bolton and Charlton during the 2016/2017 season.

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