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All football tickets at the same place is a comparison website for football tickets and packages where you can quickly compare different offers from different ticketing companies and travel agencies. You can compare everything from loose match tickets for the complete packages with hotels and flights.

Whether you are looking for tickets for your favorite team in any of the big leagues or national team matches so are the companies that sell tickets for the game are listed on the site. Currently, about 10 companies are listed on the site.

A Guide to Football in Europe

Search team or league to most easily find your way to a match that seems interesting. Compare prices and what is included in the options. Click through to the retailer's website to see more details about your choice.

By clicking on the info icon next to the offer so you can see more details about what is included in the price. What may distinguish, for example, the type of ticket, type of hotel, or if the company is an official partner of the club. They may also include food, stage-tour or admission to the club's museum.

Note that do not sell tickets, but only a service for easier study of the supply of tickets. Missing any match or do you have tips for improvement and we will gratefully accept suggestions, please contact us by the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Be a part of the atmosphere

Take the opportunity to see world-class football and treat yourself to a weekend with friends, family or colleagues in a European city. Take advantage of the powerful atmosphere in the stadiums and pubs in connection with the games.


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