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World Cup tickets

During the first World Cup in 1930, only invited nations could attend. Since then, the tournament has evolved significantly. These days, the teams – except for the hosting nation team – have to get through a series of qualifiers.

Eight Winners

Even if it’s been 87 years since the tournament was played for the first time, only eight nations have ever won it.

At the top of the list is Brazil, with five wins. Italy and Germany (or West Germany before the wall fell) have four each. Uruguay and Argentina have two each, and the UK, France and Spain have one win each.

The 2018 World Cup in Russia

Will the 2018 World Cup yield a new winning nation? It’s hard to say, but there are some solid teams like Belgium, Poland, the Netherlands, as well as previous winner Portugal, lead by Cristiano Ronaldo. And let’s not forget the hosting nation, Russia, who have historically played well on their home turf and done well during the last few years.

While it’s impossible to predict the coming season, one thing is for sure – the World Cup is filled with history, stories, jubilant victories and emotional outburst from both players and fans. The cup unites Africa, Asia, America and Europe – it connects the world and plays host to all the major stars!

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