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If you are looking for FC Barcelona tickets, this is the right place for you. You can easily compare ticket prices between the various companies offering tickets and package tours to FC Barcelona home games.

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The simplest way is to buy through one of the sellers listed here on the site. For some matches you can also buy tickets directly on the club's website. The options available are to buy only FC Barcelona tickets or a complete football trip.

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The prices can differ very much depending on the opponent, but also for the same match between the different sellers. Therefore, we have built this service where you can quickly get an overview of the prices and the companies offering tickets to the Barcelona matches.

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From some of the companies you can buy a complete package which includes the match ticket, the hotel and the flight tickets. There are some benefits to this, including guarantees.

Camp Nou, Barcelona

Barcelona's stadium, Camp Nou is one of the greatest football stadiums in the world and can take close to 100,000 spectators. Do not miss the stadium tour, the museum and the fan shop!

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Buy your football ticket today in an anticipation to feel the authentic spanish football.

The name of the football club Barcelona is enough to evoke powerful emotions among their fans. Barcelona Football Club imply tradition, creativity, innovation, immense spirit of the players, and extensive dedication to the fans. In fact, the football club is known for being one of the most supported teams in the world. Barcelona have won 4 UEFA Champions League and many other cups and trophies. Coming to the city of Barcelona, you can definitely find out that Barcelona Football Club are something more than a club. They are a real legend in the modern history of football. Purchase your football tickets to experience one of the most spectacular moments in football-visiting Camp Nou.

Visit beautiful Spain this season, and you will have the chance to experience the emblematic corners of Camp Nou. The stadium has a capacity of holding 110,000 people, making it the third largest stadium in the world. Every seat is taken on every match. You can imagine the immense passion for football shared by Barcelona fans and tourists from all over the world. Buy your football tickets in advance to ensure you can watch Barcelona matches. You will be positively surprised by the unique spirit of Camp Nou, something you will never forget. The city itself is a great tourist destination to explore and enjoy with your family or friends. The sense of history is quite strong throughout the city; you can see this by coming this season to Barcelona.

About Barcelona

Barcelona Football Club is one of the most highly supported clubs in the world. Unlike many other models for football club ownership, Barcelona is owned by the clubs supporters and elects a President to preside over the clubs fortunes.

Based in Barcelona, Spain the club play their football at the Nou Camp in the Catalonian capital. Barca, as they are known to their fans, was formed in 1899 by footballers from England, Switzerland and Spain and has become a symbol of Catalonian culture. Success on the pitch has made the club the second richest club in the world generating $613 million in annual revenue, tickets are in huge demand. As you can imagine, the club is the most successful club in Spain having won 83 titles during their illustrious history and are currently valued at $2.6 billion and fans clamber for football tickets. Success has followed the Catalonian team throughout Europe with Barca winning 12 European trophies. The club has a long standing competitive rivalry with Real Madrid and the derby matches between the two are fiercely contested and referred to as "El Clásico". The club has a proud history fielding the vey best footballers and has subsequently won 7 FIFA World Player of the Year awards, which is the highest in Europe. Football tickets to watch home games can cost between €165 and €69, depending upon the category of the game and your position in the ground. Barcelona has so much to offer the travelling fan, including the Gaudí Museum, Gran Teatre del Liceu Concert Hall or you could head to Els 4 Gats, where artists Picasso and Salvador Dali hung out.

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