Serie A tickets

Seria A is the top flight of professional men’s football in Italy. The league has been in existence for over 80 years and during the 1990s and early 2000’s was considered to be one of the best and most competitive leagues on the world.

The league has the distinction of producing the most European Cup finalists due to record 26 cup final appearances by Italian clubs in Europe’s premier competition. This success in Europe’s premier competitions has resulted in the league being ranked 4th in Europe behind La Liga, the English Premier League and the German Bundesliga.

Three of the world’s most famous clubs play in this league and they are Inter Milan, AC Milan and Juventus and these clubs are also three of the founding members of the G14 group which represented the interests of Europe’s leading football clubs. No other league can boast three founding G14 members; as such, Serie A is well represented at meetings of Europe’s footballing elite.

Serie A has many distinctions in world football; these include having more players receiving the prestigious Ballon d'Or prize whilst playing in Italy’s top footballing division. Furthermore, AC Milan has won the most international competitions in the world making them the most successful club in the world based on domestic titles and European competitions.

Considered to be one of the strongest leagues in the Europe and the world, Serie A is held in high esteem across the footballing world. Much like the Spanish La Liga and the English Premier League, Serie A enjoys popularity in the Asian markets and clubs tap in to lucrative revenues streams through merchandising and television rights.

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