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La Liga tickets

In the past 60 years La Liga has been dominated by Barcelona and Real Madrid with the latter winning a total of 32 La Liga titles compared to Barcelona’s 22 league titles. UEFA publish an annual league coefficient which establishes which league is the strongest based upon its clubs success in Europe. La Liga has been the strongest in Europe over the past five seasons with its clubs performing well in all European competitions on a regular basis.

This success in Europe is matched by domestic attendance where an average of 30,000 fans visit each game over the season, which puts La Liga third in the professional football attendance league behind the Bundesliga and English Premier League.

Considered to be one of the strongest leagues in the Europe (and the world), La Liga is held in high esteem across the footballing world. Much like the German Bundesliga and the English Premier League, La Liga enjoys popularity in the Asian markets and clubs tap in to lucrative revenues streams through merchandising and television rights.

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