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Championship tickets

Introduced in 2004, the Football League Championship was previously known as the Football League First Division from 1992 when the First Division became the English Premier League. Prior to 1992, the league was knows as Division 2 and had been since its formation in 1892.

Interestingly, the Football League Champions are awarded the Football League Championship trophy which is the same trophy as the former First Division champions were given. This was handed down to the Championship on formation of the English Premier League.

Famous for its competitive promotion campaigns and relegation dog fights, the Championship is watched throughout the world. Unlike other countries, clubs in the Championship regularly attract investment from investors all over the world as they look for an entry level team to invest in with the aim making them a premier league success.

Outside of the top flight, the Championship is the wealthiest second tier league in world football and interestingly they are the seventh richest division in Europe. Furthermore, with average attendances of over 17,000 the Championship is the most watched second division in Europe.

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